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Knowing what your audiences want and how they characterize the topics that surround your business is critical to informed decision making. There are lots of ways marketers uncover this intelligence, but we posit that the world’s greatest and most reliable data sources are the search engines we all use to find the information we’re looking for.GSI’s consultants utilize the CIM Platform to harvest, organize and draw insights from mountains of data search engines provide. We have perfected methodologies to extract reliable, data-driven insights to quantify and monitor audience interest, competitive environments and brand preference at enterprise scale. Data may then be applied to any number of executional channels including voice search, content strategy, audience & media targeting and SEO.

What do my audiences really care about, and what language do they use to express that interest?

Need to know what your audiences really care about? How that interest is shifting over time? What language they use to characterize the topics surrounding your business? When a person enters a search query, they’re expressing their interest in their own words. No question bias, no opportunity to cloud results through inadvertent application of the researcher’s own frame of reference and a true reference of the actual size and growth or recession of that interest. It’s reliable and the data is free.

While there is no cost to access the data and anyone with an AdWords account could pull it, sophisticated expertise is required to extract and model the data to realize trusted insights. GSI’s strategists and analysts deploy unique, specialized tool sets and methodologies to architect views that enable brands to truly understand the topics that surround their business, creating a data-fueled foundation upon which they can build their paid and earned marketing programs.

Who are my competitors in the digital space, and how does the competitive set shift across the topics I care about?

Every marketer has a sense of who their competitors are, but do you know with certainty who has visibility across the range of topics critical to your business? The CIM Platform reveals your competitive landscape in stark relief with the ability to segment across multiple topics. This creates the ability to develop topic-specific strategies laser focused to help you improve your brand’s visibility in areas most critical to achieving your business goals.

Understanding your competitive landscape at such a granular level also facilitates content and SEO strategies that target your effort and investment to close gaps and identify those areas where your brand has the greatest opportunity and need to win.

How does my brand awareness stack up against my competitors for the topics critical to my business?

Traditional brand awareness and preference studies rely on questions and answers posed to a limited sample set of respondents. All of which are subject to troubling bias, both intentional and unintentional as well as relatively high cost. GSI’s Brand Health capability strips that bias by looking to search data to uncover which brands are being associated with the topics critical to your business.

Want to know which brands your audiences associate with artificial intelligence, for example? Don’t ask a sample set of people. Search data illustrates what we call “active brand awareness” in stark relief. Our methodology begins by discovering how people actually think about topics, what language they actually use, and then surfaces the brands they’re associating with those topics. We can also look back at how that awareness has evolved over time and map how it’s changing going forward. It’s an excellent tool for establishing baselines and identifying the impact of your online and offline marking programs.

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