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Like SEO, paid media is about powering visibility for your high priority messages, but what should you spend and what should you promote? GSI’s Audience & Media Targeting solution applies the power of the CIM Platform and variations on the principles that underpin our Evidence-Based Content Strategy solutions to the paid media environment to answer just those questions.

What it does

The CIM Platform brings organization and context to complex landscapes. GSI’s Audience & Media targeting solution harnesses that capability to reveal where audience interest lies and what types of content your audience is seeking. It also exposes where your content is organically visible and where your competitors are dominating. It even illustrates where strong seasonality exists.

It Creates...

…the opportunity to identify and weed out low-value, low-relevance terms.

…accountability to campaign objectives through measurement and implementation monitoring.

It improves...

…ability to direct spend toward high-value, competitive areas.

…engagement through keyword and landing page alignment and tighter focus.

It enables...

…campaign transparency and ability to increase spend efficiency.

…cross-campaign keyword governance, reducing internal competition and poor / confusing user experience. Talk to us about how GSI’s Audience & Media Targeting solution can transform your paid media programs and create integration across your paid, owned and earned landscape.

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