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Meet Our Team Of

Digital Marketing Experts

We are a group of 46 Search and Digital Marketing Consultants based in the Cascade Mountain paradise of Bend, Oregon. We are an Ogilvy company and operate as a division of Neo@Ogilvy.

CEO Jeremy Sanchez
SVP, Analytics & Technology Paul Henry
Search Developer Eric Shuman
Director, Client Services Brian Langdon
Sr. Search Strategist Meg Thompson
Sr. Search Strategist Johanna Pulliam
Sr. Search Strategist Andrea Baxter
Sr. Search Strategist Staci Arney
Sr. Search Strategist Jennifer Floyd
Search Specialist Laura Mitchell
Director, Strategic Analytics Moni Graf
Search Analyst Angie Hobin
Search Technologist Nick Baker
Search Specialist Ty Kelly
Search Strategist Tom Pritchard
Managing Director Ken Shults
VP, Client Services Leslie Edwards
Sr. Director, Analytics / Technology Practice Lead Brad Wilcox
Sr. Search Strategist Benjamin Karl
Sr. Search Strategist Sarah Laufer
Director, Strategic Analytics Amy Holbrook
Sr. Search Strategist Mary Wooster
Sr. Search Specialist Simone Paddock
Sr. Search Strategist Luke Menasco
Executive Assistant Shanan Kelley
Director, Analytics Eduardo Navas
Search Specialist Gail Menasco
Technical Search Strategist Julie Donnelly
Search Strategist Mimi Lopour
Search Strategist Kevin Rose
SVP, Client Services Eilish Canady
VP, Client Services Chris Schweppe
Sr. Director, Analytics / Technical SEO Practice Lead Mellissa Jensen
Director, Client Services Michelle Maor
Sr. Search Strategist Tiare Helmstead
General Manager Amy Anderson
Sr. Search Strategist Todd Brock
Search Technologist Gray Hughes
Search Strategist Greg White
Search Anayst Luke Hansen
Search Strategist Shanti Murphy
Sr. Search Strategist Will Swales
Search Specialist Hillary Hogan
Search Strategist Andre Jensen

The practice of SEO was invented in Bend. No, we are not making this up.See For Yourself