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Data Driven Marketing

Intelligence. Brought to you by Data.

Data mining is not a new idea, but the access to more data has made it more complex. Talk to us, and find out how we transform data into strategy.

These Services Are Fit For

  • Search Strategist
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • CMO/Marketing Director

Content Investment Advisor™

A data-driven combination of capabilities, processes and tools designed to enable key stakeholders to identify and size opportunity, execute efficiently and report effectiveness.

Search-Social Investment Advisor

Collaborative research into search and social data that produces unique, actionable insights. Search data helps inform social strategy, and social data helps inform search strategy.

Organic Search Performance Reporting

Our Organic Search reporting extends beyond initial referral to include post-click engagement and other valuable behavioral metrics.

Newsroom Content Guidance

A trusted, easily consumable means of identifying emerging content opportunities around a
subject on a rapid cadence. By monitoring and analyzing both Google Search and Google
News data, we are able to provide concise, data-based reports and analysis outlining
foundational and emerging topics that represent key content opportunities for Newsroom
content teams.

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