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Case Studies

Insight. Action. Impact. Click on our case study links below to see how we have partnered with our clients to drive tangible business results.

Integrated Paid & Natural Search

Integrated paid and natural search reporting show the synergistic effects of iIntroducing paid search for a major pet products company.

Ideation Engine for PR

Customer Intent Modeling informs PR, resulting in lift in buzz for major automobile manufacturer.

Content - On & Off Domain

Customer Intent Modeling informed relevant video creation, generating a higher than normal video views and an increase of search traffic to the site for a leading global shipping company.

Best Practices for Natural Search

Customer Intent Modeling identifies opportunity for ratings and reviews, resulting in huge gains in natural search for major CPG company.

Information Architecture

Customer Intent Modeling helps to transform a global ingredient brand’s web presence.

Integrated Paid & Natural Search

Customer Intent Modeling + Search Investment Advisor leads to dramatic gains in paid and natural search volume and efficiency for leading financial services firm.

Multi-Channel Campaign Optimization

Customer Intent Modeling improves lead generation across UK channels for a leading multi-national publisher.