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Our thought leadership is built from a powerful blend of traditional marketing and web analytics. Awareness and analysis of searcher data allows our team to provide innovative and strategic leadership in the field of digital marketing. Our Fortune 100 global clients look to us for the development of enterprise-level search marketing and social media programs, as well as to provide research, analysis, and recommendations on how to best leverage data on searcher behavior and consumer intent. 

Our unique point of view on how data can be used to inform marketing efforts allows our clients to have a more effective interaction with their customers, both off- and online. Our search strategists are frequent contributors to marketing conferences and publications, driving the conversation among industry leaders in digital marketing and social media. See some of our recent material:

Adobe Video Series - Flash and SEO Best Practices & Strategies

Join Jay Middleton, Senior Manager of Worldwide Search Marketing at Adobe, and Damien Bianchi, Regional Director of Client Strategy at Global Strategies, as they provide you with practical steps and best practices you can follow to optimize your SWF-based content for search engines. Topics include SWF content crawlability and keyword and website strategies for search engines. Click Here To Watch.

Training Tutorials
Many of our clients request Training Tutorials on how to use Industry Tools such as Google Insights. See this preview example of what we can do for you:

Adobe SEO Technology Center


Interested in how to optimize a Rich Internet Application (RIA) such as Adobe Flash? Read Damien Bianchi's article on how to prioritize and apply Search Best Practices to ensure that your RIA can support your search strategy. Click Here To View.

Search Engine Land Articles

Damien Bianchi, Regional Director of Client Strategy and Global Strategies, has written several articles for Search Engine Land, one of the industry's most trusted resources for Search Marketing professionals. See some of Damien's articles below:

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Global Strategies specializes in working with large enterprise and corporate clients to deploy large scale and international Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs. 

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